Which way will you choose, more bottom up or more top down?

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  1. Mav put this in econ, but the smartest guys on ET dwell in the basement, on both left and right. Blind spots excepted on both sides. This the real fight for the republic. These fellas put it in a way so that the youth might engage.

    So I am re-issuing this. Which way? It matters more than you think.

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  2. Im taking everybody off ignore, so if you're racist, no matter, we can sort that out later. Discuss this! Seriously, drop the n-bomb, whatever, right now, it won't matter. We are all on the same ship, like it or not. Again, discuss. One star, five stars, irrelevant. Discuss.
  3. Elder000


    How come all your threads are so bogus and fake.

    Why don't you start a thread like this one on ET

    Where we discuss how FED and Bank of England stole secretly Fort Knox gold and won't allow an audit.

    All your threads are intellectually minimalistic and say nothing of any importance. Kind of like watching Ben Bernanke speak to press :cool:
  4. Shut the fuck up

    Every now and then there comes a poster who both democrats and republicans hate,you sir are one of those posters
  5. Ricter


    Both! Ok, not entirely fair. Let's suppose I think more of one or the other is called for at the present time, which one?

    Both! Individuals have got to be free enough to (want to) "get out of bed in the morning". But... not so free that they can force me to get out of bed in the morning.
  6. Elder000


    TimeClock is ticking on US financial collapse.

    Parasite Fed is about to kill the host USA

    And you are here to help debate bullshit.

  7. Who are you elder? Im sure time will tell :)
  8. cstfx


    I am in the Hayek camp.

    Thinking about my days in college econ classes, I don't remember Hayek's models being taught, but Keynes was being drilled into our heads like he was the say-all, end-all of economic theory. Took me about 10 years in the real world to shake free of that yoke.

    Never read the book but will now that you and Mav reminded me of it.
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    Me too.
  10. Lucrum


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