Which way do you favor - reading trading books or ipad/kindle?

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  1. Having so many trading books which causes trouble when moving,

    I begin to rethink my book-reading strategy -

    Do you think it's better to buy trading books in Kindle format and read on Kindle or IPAD, or it's better to buy paper books. Which one is better? What's the catch?

    Any thoughts?
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  3. Don't have a kindle but I do have an Ipad. I really enjoy the Ipad for books. Just so convenient to have everything on the go. The only drawback is going someplace like a beach where a real book can be tossed around without worries of damage.
    For myself the ipad is nice.

  4. Do it the old-fashioned way. BOOKS, nothing like the feel of paper and therefore a good book to read. It has mass needs a place to be placed in a real space - a good book commands respect - electronicize it and it loses 90% value, still good but not as good as the real thing.
  5. Now, just how are you going to take notes in the margins?
  6. kindle
    mainly because of the non-glare for long reads. ipad is just another computer without a keyboard.
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    There's a reason for that...
  8. Actually the Kindle has a way to take notes in the margins, only it's much more efficient than doing it in a book. I'm a big fan of the Kindle. When you have as many books as I have had over the years, try moving them sometime. Chances are that the Ipad also has a way to take notes. I can change the print size on the Kindle depending on how tired my eyes are, hell, I can have a voice read the book to me, either a male or female depending on your preference. I'm a huge fan.

  9. One other ++ for the kindle is the wide selection of content licensed ONLY to kindle. This is what seperates the wheat from the chafe (ipad)

    For traveling longterm
    When you travel to different countries, 2-3 books weighs you down, kindle = .75 lbs. Price , at discounted prices ($9.99) usually compard to hardcore ($23.99) how can you go wrong?

    For restricted countries, kindles circumvent the american books barrier.


    To clarify the importance of the kindle to a trader, I travel around the world with a dufflebag of 2 feet (pretty small) , the only things that gets a permanent position is the laptop, kindle , and bank security devices .the amount of knowledge in one small device is exceptional.

  10. that reason being ..... ?
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