Which VPS for best GUI experience (European server) and best stability for IB

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    Good evening,

    I need to assess which VPS service I should go for since I am trading from Norway, Europe and trade mostly Forex and Futures on the US markets, where the physical location for the exchanges would be in Chicago. Since I am using IB (Interactive Brokers) as my online broker, I would need a fast connection to Interactive Brokers Chicago server for order execution.

    My priority is fast graphical GUI experience when I am connecting to the VPS, and the best stability I can have. Since I will be trading mostly on 15min charts, I do not need the absolute highest latency below 1 ms to the IB server.

    I see it like this:
    Option 1:
    Account location:
    I have my IB account, at the Chicago server in US, because I trade mostly FX and Futures.
    VPS location:
    I get a VPS in Europe to get a faster and better graphical user experience when connecting to the VPS with as little lagging latency as possible.

    Option 2:
    Account location:
    I have my IB account, at the European server, because I live in Europe, even if I am entirely focused on US securities.
    VPS location:
    I also get a VPS in Europe to get a faster and better graphical user experience when connecting to the VPS with as little lagging latency as possible.

    Question 1:
    Question is if it is better that I am using the European IB server that still needs to connect to the exchanges in Chicago (not sure how you are routing your connection with the exchanges) when I am only trading FX and Futures, or if I should use the Chicago IB server, despite the fact where my VPS connection is?

    Question 2:
    Which VPS windows server should I use that has the absolute best stability for a low price? I do not want to overpay.

    I want the best of two worlds combined, so I dont experience much lagging when connecting to my VPS, and get as fast order execution with IB as possible when trading FX and Futures.
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    Anyone have tried digitalocean.com and can give their assessment of their VPS services?
    I am currently testing commercialnetworkservices.com, but not sure I need to pay 35 USD a month if digitalocean is good enough. But is digitalocean.com suitable for trading?
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    I don't think digital ocean are running windows server though. My reply on another colocating thread www.fcm360.com have vps as well.

    IB have a gateway in Equinix NY4. Most exchanges, including cboe, are in this data center so cost is high. www.fcm360.com can offer a server in this datacenter for about $1k+$750 for cross connect, a month. If cost is an issue contactwww.speedytradingservers.com about $170-$210 a month for dedicated, $80 a month for vps but they are in another New Jersey data centre 2ms from IB. Alternatively you can get a 2u rack in IB connecticut for $2k a month, email ci [at] interactivebrokers.com for more info.
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    Why do you need a fast connection if you do click trading? And why a VPS? No matter which way you go, you'll need to deal with the latency from Norway to Chicago (you -> TWS -> IB server in NY4 -> Chicago and return for the responses). You better use your personal PC with TWS and connect it to the IB European server. If you trade on a 15-min time frame, 2-3 secs won't make a big difference. The first priority of any trader is to make money.

    Or maybe I'm missing something here...
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    rb7: I need a VPS for stability, 24/7 running, so I dont have to have my computer running at night.
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    Do you need to have your computer running when you don't trade?
    It is my understanding that you're a discretionary trader. So when you're trading you're in front of your PC running TWS. You open your PC, start TWS, trade, and when you're done, you close TWS and shutdown your PC. Am I missing something?
  8. Commericalnetworkservices has been very reliable, I use it with TWS and Ninjatrader and I sleep very well. That is priceless.
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    mosheobrien: I am evaluating CNS right now, but the price is a bit high.
    rb7: I am using strategies 24/7, so I need a good VPS that can run my strategies when I am sleeping, or like mosheobrien says: so he can sleep very well at night :)

    What do you think about Amazon cloud servers, are they reliable enough?
    Why would Commericalnetworkservices or www.speedytradingservers.com be better?
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    I get the impression that digital ocean and amazon aws are linux.
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