which virus software to us?

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  1. i've had mcafee foir years and my renewals up. they've changed now were you can only download the software 3 times and its over $100. i went to look at symantec and there whole suite including virus software and firewall with downlaods for a year is less than $80. anyone use symantec and if so are you happy and can you download to as many computers as you want? thanks
  2. I've been happy with PC-cillin Internet Security from Trend Micro. It's only about $40, and it includes antivirus, firewall, spyware, email, etc. It's rated well by PC magazine, etc. You can get a three license version for $60 I think.
  3. Download AVG for free. Has found viruses that Symantec missed.
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    I just use an old laptop for web surfing and e-mails. If inflected, just reformat and re-load OS.
  5. I am going to buy the Mcaffee three user license ...I think they said it is now 69 or 89 bucks...
  6. Free excellent antiviruses:

    Spyware Blaster

    They can all be downloaded from www.download.com
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    hmm, more than one cover when having sex...

  8. Just buy the hard version from a software vendor. I run mcafee on 3 different computers and have no problem updating them as much as I want. i think I paid $60 for the 2006 anitvirus and personal firewall combo and then it had a $30 rebate. Norton is symantec and I used to have it and it will hog the crap out of your system resources on your computer and the firewall also slows down your download speed when it is on.

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