Which US president has told the most lies - Bush or Clinton?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Cutten, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. Cutten


    Simple question - regardless of your political views, which president do you think told the most barefaced downright shameful porkies?
  2. Good poll, Cutten!

    I voted for Bush - let me explain why.

    It is not that Bush knows he is lying, neither is he purposefully telling lies - he is not.

    It is that what he believes is a structure chock-full of lies therefore as he postulates his views he speaks lies by default of his faulty belief system based on lies.

    Not really his entire fault. Beliefs are very powerful. They are like a drug that can literally cause mental illness and hallucinations and that of the masses as well.

    What I think we are all caught up in here in this moment of history is mass delusion and mania.

    It is the "Terrorists Will Kill Us All Unless We Stop Them NOW Mania."

    How many died in the Jonestown massacre?

    914 men women and children.

    Iraqis doctors claim above 400 have died in Fallujah alone. We have lost over 600 US troops total.

    The Jonestown massacre happened due to beliefs. This dead of this war are also due to beliefs.

  3. dbphoenix


    Bush lies to himself. And therein lies the problem.
  4. Perhaps Bush truly believes in his beliefs.

    It is his beliefs that may be rooted and grounded in lies.

    Look at the man's beliefs and you will understand the nature of his actions (or lack thereof).

  5. Both of them are in the countless. :(

    A better poll would be the gravity of their lies.:eek: :eek:

    as an example

    Billy Bubba, a lie(s) on a blowjob, 50 MILLION to investigate, laughing stock of US and the world on that issue.:eek:

    Geoge Scumya, a lie(s) on a fraud for war, against a defenseless country. 250 BILLION cost so far, 700 dead Americans, dozens of thousands, innocent dead civilian Iraqis. :eek:

    Aks the mothers of our 700 dead, if they would prefer a lie about a blowjob and their boys safe at home, or a lie that caused the death of their children.:(

    We's better start paying attention to substance and not bullshit.:D

    This post is only a constructive comment on the tread, not a criticism towards the thread starter or the participants above.:) :)