which types of mental disorder are violent ???

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    any idea?
  2. "...experts say, is that most people who are mentally ill are no more violent than anyone else. And in fact, they're more likely than others to be the victims of violent crime."

    "The prevalence of violence is higher among people -- discharged psychiatric patients or non-patients -- who have symptoms of substance abuse."

  3. Try to learn how to identify and avoid people with NPD. Do not let them into your life. I have a relative that was married to one until we found Dr. Sam Vaknin's info. NPDs are impossible to deal with. They refuse help because they believe there is nothing wrong with them.


    Pathological narcissism is a spectrum of disorders. People suffering from the full blown, all-pervasive, personality distorting mental health disorder known as the Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) - are, indeed, more prone to violence than others.

    Actually, the differential diagnosis (=the difference) between NPD and AsPD (Antisocial PD, psychopaths) is very blurred. Most psychopaths have narcissistic traits and many a narcissist are also sadists. Both types are devoid of empathy, are remorseless, ruthless, and relentless in their pursuit of their goals (the narcissist's goal is narcissistic supply or the avoidance of narcissistic injury).

    Narcissists live in a state of constant rage, repressed aggression, envy and hatred. They firmly believe that everyone is like them. As a result, they are paranoid, suspicious, scared and erratic.

    Any person - known to the narcissist or not - who is perceived by the narcissist to be a source of frustration is in danger of becoming the victim of violence. If you disagree with the narcissist, criticize him, or deny him the unfettered and instantaneous fulfillment of his wishes - you become his enemy and the target of his unwelcome attentions.

    Narcissists are fully aware of the difference between right and wrong and are fully capable of controlling their impulses. They simply do not care enough about their victims to do so. They lack empathy, are exploitative, feel entitled and superior and thus regard other people as objects or as extensions of themselves.

    In his mind, the narcissist is superior in every way. This fantasized and grandiose superiority is what maintains the precarious equilibrium of his personality.

    Sounds like most traders!
  4. ...bananas and ding bats.
  5. jealous husbands
  6. PMS..............

    Or, this, the "Right, thats it, ive had enough" mental disorder, as displayed so well by micheal douglas, in THIS film;


    A classic, i think.
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    I think I have antisocial personality disorder.

    I received treatment from the California Highway Patrol when they stopped me from recklessly speeding down the highway at 120 MPH with no regard for the safety of others. The $900 fine worked better than a shot of thorazine.

  8. Sure, but doesn't always add up in the wash.
  9. When they finally got you stopped did they have their guns drawn?

    Did they throw you to the ground and stomp on your skinny neck?
  10. The extreme political right. What makes them particularly dangerous is that they don't think they're at the extreme. Their ingrained (inbred?) paranoia will cause them to call into question your patriotism even if you so much as disagree on what time it is. If you absolutely must, it is best to appraoch them slowly and cautiously. Sudden movement may result in autonomic bible thumping, flag waving and possibly even gun play. If you are going to debate a member of the radical right, then kevlar would be a sensible fashion accessory.
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