Which Trading System Or Strategy Is The Most Profitable?

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  1. I am not able to generate profit if any successful strategy, Indicator or tips you have, suggest to me.
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    BLSH (buy low sell high)
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    If QQQ closes today at a price higher than it closed at 200 days ago, and QQQ closes today at a 10 day lowest closing price, get long at today's close.

    Exit position once QQQ closes at 6 day highest closing price.
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    you back-tested it?
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    Listen to Dozu buy FAANG and hold forever
  6. speedo


    You are not going to develop an robust trading system until you thoroughly understand price discovery and that only comes with many hours of unbiased observation. Markets change personality and if you don't understand how to make appropriate adjustments, performance will tank....even if you initially have something which "works".
  7. tomorton


    There isn't a magic potion you can use to make profits. What works for one trader will be a consistent loser for another.

    But there are common assumptions made by new traders who never become winners and if these are avoided it would certainly reduce the probability of early or dramatic wipe-out.

    I'd suggest new traders and struggling traders should avoid -
    trading reversals
    trading without a stop-loss
    averaging down
    risking more than 2% of their account capital per trade
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    Search YouTube for "profitable trading system" -- if there are too many, add "for free."
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