Which trading software can execute strategy code regularly without trade happening?

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by bourbonnais, May 7, 2010.

  1. I tried Tradestation and Multicharts. When applying strategy to a chart, they execute strategy code when:
    a. trade happens to the main datastream (tick based) or
    b. an interval bar closes and there is trade happen to the main datastream during the bar.

    If data #1 of the chart does not have trade happen during the bar interval, then strategy code is not run at all.

    For example, if I apply my strategy to 1-minute chart and no trade happens for 10 minutes, then the strategy code is not executed at all during the 10 minutes.

    I am looking for some trading software that can execute strategy code regularly(like every 15 seconds) regardless whether there is trade happen.

    Another 2 possible solutions are:
    1. Software can execute strategy code when data#2 ticks.
    2. Software can generate order for data#2
    then I can use another actively-traded instrument as second datastream to solve this issue.

    Does anyone know which software can achieve this? How about NinjaTrader?

    Thanks for help.
  2. LeeD


    NeoTicker is among trading platforms that can execute strategy on timer (in addition to a. and b. in the opening post).

    I am not sufficiently familiar with Ninjatrader to say if it has this functionality but, perhaps, Ninjatrader forums are a better place to ask Ninja-specific questions.