Which trading softrware you will ues?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by kmyj823, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. kmyj823


    I'am a day trader and trade Euronext equities for 2 years. But I can¡®t find a software to trade like another softwares traded NYSE&NASDAQ£¬for example LASER Sterling and so on.
    Do you have some good trading software to recommend.
  2. How do you trade now? Which software are you using?
  3. kmyj823


    I'm using Swifttrade's tradeware and Deriva's software.
  4. pchan


    Stay away from tradestation! The charts and matrix always locks up. I have called tradestation and they don't care. This has been an issue fopr a week. I called to ask them to give me a commission rebate or something and they laughed. They seriously read me the agreement over the phone that states they aren't responsible for anything. Basically I said hey I wouldn't be calling and complaining if it were a data isuse from the CME or the internet was down but this is your servers and it's been ongoing for a week. They don't care. So Tradestation is the only Company in the free world that can charge you without providing a service. Rather ironic that they are a brokerage and their primary source of income seems to be the people they could care less about. Been trading for ovr a decade and Tradestation is by far the worst and most callous platform/brokerage I have ever dealt with. Even Refco was fair and didn't intentionally screw you.