Which trading s/w provides the most realistic simulator?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by nrixy, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. nrixy


    So I have several intraday trading strategies that I have developed and I want to test them in the most realistic simulator available.

    As far as I can see a couple of packages seem to get mentioned on this forum freuently - what would you recommend:
    - Neoticker
    - Ninja Trader
    - Others?

    I'd really like to hear from anyone that started in a sim (like me) then evenutally migrated to live trading on the same platform and found NO (or very little) difference!!!

    Thanks for your help.
  2. amitman


    I simulate with NT for a few months now and moving to live trading in about two weeks so I'll be able to help you.
  3. nrixy


    Hi Amitman,

    When you say NT I guess you mean Ninja Trader not Neo Ticker?

    I've heard good things about both just thought that within the ET Forum there might be a clear view on the most realistic sim.

    Let us know how you get on when you make the move to live - i'm some way off that just now.

  4. nrixy



  5. Depends on what you're after. I actually like NinjaTrader, but it's a little pricey and you may be getting features you don't want or need. (i.e. Charts and autotrading script support)

    Bracket Trader, QuoteTracker and IB TWS together work pretty well. Bracket Trader has configurable strategies for scaling out, trailing stops, etc. and its simulator functionality is just fine.
  6. jimmyrey



    Thanks-really just need charts with a DOM or the ability to trade from a Chart.
    With Ninja Trader i had understood that the Simulator verion is free.
    Looks like i'll try that first .... unless their are other views on the best sim?

  7. Button Trader is centered around DOM trading but that's not my style so I don't know what chart support it has.

    Ninja is fully featured for simulated trading for free, apparently forever.

    I'm something of a nerd - I've tried almost every IB front end there is. I've even written a couple of my own.
  8. amitman


    Does anybody know if it's possible using charts with QT with IB feed and trading with ButtonTrader at the same time?
    Because I like to see the clear charts of QT but be able to enter and exit very fast with the ButtonTrader.
  9. Neoticker can fill on bid/ask prices on a tick-level in simulations - provided that data is available on a historical basis of course. There are several fill-models to choose from (exact, worst, average, ...).

    No idea about Ninja.
  10. Hoi


    Yes many of ButtonTrader's users have QT running side by side.

    Only thing you need to do is set the ClientID for the API connection in QT to something other than zero (any other number is ok):
    You can change it directly in the QT-program in Data Sources on the Quotes tab with IB selected as the site. After it restart QT"
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