Which trading platforms still have the STATIC DOME?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Lorenzo, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. Lorenzo


    X-Trader (..of course!)
    Ninja Trader....and?
  2. Lorenzo - You still shopping for a new platform?

    You just listed the best two out right now (are you using TT feed with NT.....I am and I have had no problems).
  3. Truff


    I think thats it. Strategy runner might have it when its hooked up to the TT fixed adapter which is in beta right now.
  4. Lorenzo


    Ninja TT on Eurex is bullshit...slow, slow
  5. Yes you can only use XTrader for Eurex trading right now.....that is the only safe way.

    I can feel for your frustration.....not being able to use NT for the Eurex is a pain (use it with any confidence that is).
  6. If by static you mean the price ladder doesn't move but the BB/BA prices move along the ladder, then Transact's platform is static.
  7. Lorenzo


  8. Not if you change the settings. You can set it so that price stays in the middle at all times.
  9. rcj


    Take a close look at ButtonTrader.
    #10     Aug 5, 2006