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    While this may not be the best place for this post, I'm hoping some experienced traders can suggest a good platform to trade e-mini's worth. I'm currently demoing Strategy Runner but with all the negative reviews on this and disconnection at times, would like to try out a better alternative.

    So please recommend a decent easy to use platform for a new indice trader.

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    i like the T4 platform at proactive futures and i like the charting platform at think or swim, u neeed 2 monitors and 2 accts, proactive has ninja charting but i never learned how to use it,and they don't have options but the speed at which u can enter, or cxl orders is as fast as u can double click, and the size for 5 ticks above and below is displayed along with an adjustable volume at each price bar on tthe left and an adjustable trailing graph of last sales
  3. TT is the best! Anything besides TT is garbage that is why pros use TT. Manages Size, spreads, static grid, etc...

    It is expensive but in this case you get what you pay for, I have used a variety of platforms and traded at different FCM's who had their own platforms and they were used by BROKERS at those FCM's all of the TRADERS used TT.
  4. Ninja/Zenfire
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    Is the T4 exclusive to proactive futures?
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    Is TT, Xtrader?


    Thanks for your suggestion.
  7. I use Ninja/Zenfire with Mirrus as broker, no problems at all except that I can't seem to go above Break Even trading :)

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    Is there a platform fee for using Ninja at Mirrus? Also, what sort of commissions do they charge on the ES, ER2?

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    i dunno
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    they also have intraday margin on es at $500 per contract
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