Which trading book? Help reverse-engineering this strategy

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  1. Okay my friend is playing this prank that he found a good strategy in an old trading book, of course modified to his taste and to the current market but he won't tell anyone the title of the book unless you pay $$$ for his upcoming training course. :D

    I am not a stock trader myself but just to react to his prank I have to reverse engineer his strategy and conclude which is the underlying book.

    So far we know:
    - It's a stock picking strately
    - From an old book, but quite a popular one, found in common bookstores
    - The strategy follows: there are some 8 criterias according to which you analyze the 10.000 or so stocks on NYSE and NASDAQ and really not many will remain in the end - according to your criterias
    - It's a buy only strategy; strangely you only a stock when it is at it's record high
    - And sell it when it is even higher
    - Tight stop loss
    - Yearly 25% expected return but that one I guess depends on your money management strategy and leverage
    - No leverage
    - There was a growing interest in the last month of the stock - there is a more technical term to it I can ask this one from him if it is really needed to find the solution but I guess you can do without ;)

    So which is the underlying book?
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    sounds like nicholas darvas how i made 2 million in the market.

    written in the late 50s or early 60s, easily found in bookstores.

    but what is old or easily found? if old = first written in the 60s and on its 7th? edition, could be o'neil's book.
  3. Yes, actually that is quite possible that this is the one. My friend actually praised this book.

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    number of stocks(specially common stocks) on NYSE and NASDAQ combined is far less than 10K. it's about 3.5K and getting smaller and smaller every day. subtract complete garbage(in terms of volume and price) and you will end up with <1K total

    from my experience whatever you find in any store is typically not working right out of the box. you have to adjust\modify it. just like in programming-many times it was easier\faster to write something from scratch than fix someone else s code.
  5. thank you for pointing that out.

    However, the main issue is this - I moved it over to the relevant thread: http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/search.php?s=&action=finduser&userid=325018