Which traders make the most, and how to become one

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    What kind of trader earns the highest salary, and how do you become one?
  2. Salary....whats that?
  3. There are application's available at your local post office. Just sign up and wait for your "free money" phone call.
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    Lololol.. How'd you get to be so FUNNY??
  5. The traders that make the most money are the ones who are the best at trading. If you are looking for a salary, trading may not be for you. If you want to spend the next year or two making no money, but after that possibly making a whole lot of money, then try joining a prop firm.

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    Yea, but I mean in general, e.g. equity, fixed income etc. And who say's I'm just looking for a salary? Doesn't hurt to do your research, does it?
  7. Your first post asks which traders make the most salary. No, it definitely doesnt hurt to do research.
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    Well I have to admit that I'm learning more and more, but I still don't know a powerful lot about trading and finance etc. I know there are salaried traders who work for banks and such, so I'm wondering what kind of education or experience you need to get into that.
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    The people who trade other people's money and take a cut of it, win or lose, are the ones who make the most money. But why do you need to make "the most" money? Try your hand at different things and choose to spend your time doing what makes you happy, whether it makes you "the most" money or not. To quote a great movie, "How many boats can you waterski behind?"

    There are many careers which pay better than trading -- most traders lose, and you will likely be one of them, statistically speaking, so trading will not likely make you any money at all.

    It is better to do what you love. You only live once. Fortunes can be made and lost, but your time is irreplaceable.
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