Which technical indicator is the best?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Baruch, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. Momentum?
    And how do you use it/them?
  2. EMA.
    to see whats been working the best.

  3. I think that the "oscillators" you mentioned are effectively so similar that, depending on how you calibrate them, you could quite possibly make them all give pretty much the same signals at the same time.
  4. OK, but how do YOU calibrate them?
  5. maxpi


    Very carefully

  6. Actually, I don't. I don't use anything other than price and, more often than not, volume. To me, that is the truest source of information. Everything else is just a matter of "he said she said," meaning second-hand information, which I personally find to be as reliable as hearsay evidence in a court of law. But that's just my opinion.
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    All you need is an EMA. Look at intraday price action in relation to a daily EMA, and place your bets.
  8. Which EMA on daily is that you look at? 5,10, 20,...EMA?
  9. It sounds very simple just to use EMA as the only indicator. And what do you do with cross-overs? Just buy or sell?
  10. Baruch,

    Awhile back you said the following to dBanks...

    07-27-03 01:22 PM

    A lousy day?
    But there was a lot of action and some very strong trends.
    You are making too trades. Why not just follow the trends and let your profits grow?

    You sound like you know how to recognize a trend and how to let profits run eventhough you use such via question marks...

    What indicators are you already or currently using to be able to recognize a trend and to be able to let your profits run?

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