Which system is better for scalping?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by starryeyed, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. 4000 down/4000 up on a dedicated line (ping 70+)
    13000+ down/ almost 1000 up on a cable line (ping 70+)

    I am scalping fast-moving NYSE stocks. Also would being out East make a noticeable difference?
  2. The ping is your latency assuming you have a decent system setup. I hope you are pinging the server or city where your trades occur. To ping Seattle from San Francisco when you're trading NYSE stocks does not give you good data to make an informed decision.

    All that being said, you're not going to have much up and either one gives you plenty of down. Assuming you are not downloading iPod shit, movies, e-mail with large file attachments, etc. while you're trading on that connection, either one should suffice just fine all other factors being equal (price, equipment, reliability, etc.).

    If things other then trading are going to occur concurrently on the line, I would suggest the cable line.
  3. Thanks for the reply Mgookin...is that ping bad? I am used to about 38 out East. And yes, I am pinging my broker in chicago.
  4. I agree with mgookin with most of what was said.

    I would disagree with the cable being better on its face.

    It may be hard but if you can get a sample of people in your very near area and their experiences with the cable vs DSL.

    DSL is generally better technology but it greatly depends on how its done and how far you are from the C.O.

    I would also try to find out which lines to you are newer. That can make a huge difference in reliability as well.

    Best of trading

  5. I had DSL for several years and it sucked; can't remember a 24 hour period where it worked flawlessly. And that's being located 1.25 line miles from what in its day was the biggest switch in the nation. But I have since heard the trunk line between here and there as shot (and still is).

    I have now been on cable >5 years and it is awesome.

    As 1Reason says, different areas can yield different results depending on what infrastructure exists and other factors.

    Checking with friends/ neighbors and local businesses should give you a good view of which technology works best in your area.

    Nothing sucks more then a bad connection.

    Good luck!