Which stocks to invest in(long term horizon)?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by usman88, Mar 16, 2009.

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    Which stocks currently are the best value for money and likely to yield max returns in the long run(1-3 years). I have around 50k USD which I am looking to invest in secure(with minimum downside risk) US stocks. The objective here is to earn a decent return with bank like security of funds. Please keep in mind that in my country we can easily get 15% annualized returns on bank deposits but the real problem is USD exchange rate(our currency may devalue) erasing any gains.

    Therefore I have decided to invest in some US stocks. Target return I am looking for is 30-40% over the year. I have no problem holding for even more than 3 years.

    Which stocks would you guys recommend? And any place where I can get analyst research reports for these stocks from?
  2. Oh, is that all?
  3. Buy some X, VLO, BAC, EWT, GG... 10k each... Lets check where that portfolio is a year from now...

    X is at 19.25
    VLO at 18.30
    BAC 6.70
    EWT 7.77
    GG 29.60
  4. I don't know about BAC, the nationalization threat is not done yet