Which stocks offer great dividends now.

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  1. Is it time to trade ahead of some stocks offering good dividends as flight to quality happens. Any trades reflecting this?
  2. DEO- 81.45 yield 2.0 percent- Good growth story.
    T- Great strategy with T mobile- 28.9- with a 1.72 percent yield.
    I think these may be some big winners for the forseeable future. Any other suggestions as we fly to quality.
    MRK-34.19- price with a 1.52 yield -

    Any other ideas out there on this level?

    BY the way doesn't Rep Akin look like Adam West.
  3. Company. Ticker. Up this Yr. 2011 div %. 2011 div amt. 2010 div amt. year started paying div

    Diebold Incorporated DBD 3.70% 1.12000 1.080 1954
    American States Water AWR 7.69% 1.12000 1.04000 1955
    Dover Corporation DOV 2.80% 1.10000 1.07000 1956
    Northwest Natural Gas NWN 3.57% 1.74000 1.68000 1956
    Emerson Electric Co. EMR 2.22% 1.38000 1.35000 1957
    Genuine Parts Company GPC 9.76% 1.80000 1.64000 1957
    The Procter & Gamble PG 11.38% 2.10000 1.88540 1957
    3M Company MMM 4.76% 2.20000 2.10000 1959
    Vectren Corporation VVC 1.10% 1.38000 1.36500 1960
    Cincinnati Financial CINF 0.63% 1.60000 1.59000 1961
  4. A contrary view on your assertion is the the expectation of higher interest rates following a U.S. debt downgrade or default. This will adversely impact on the value of dividend paying stocks.
  5. Im thinking of the average down strategy for tomorrow with a 3% intraweek decline. Looks like program selling is kicking in ahead of September. Quality is here and prices are right. Another big correction will surely hit the tape before its over. If you have the stomach then you can put the 2012 portfolio in action here and now.

    I still like my DEO, MRK and T. This is what happens when politicians go against the wisdom of wallstreet. Traders would suck at running the country and politicians worldwide should stay out of the market.

    14400 for next year spring despite all this and thats why I think Gold is at highs. Just my opinion. The dollar has to go lower.

    Any other ideas making sense here with a quality dividend?
  6. Have a look at tankers: FRO, NAT, TK, ...
  7. GTG


    INTC yields 4% now.
  8. Before you enter in a business you should know the rates of a company you wanted to invest in a market to make sure you will get a good come back in your investment.
  9. blow that divvie out yer azz

    whenever I heave about a div player, I know Im hearing the rant of a pinhead
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