Which stocks move in the first 30 min. of open?

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  1. Since I have a full-time job, I can only trade the first 35-40 min. of the market. Any certain stocks that make big moves (up or down) in the first 30 min. of trading. I've been trading semi-conductors for the past 3 months, and stocks like KLAC and QLGC make decent moves at market open, and this has been working well for me. I just want to see if you guys know of other stocks that make similar moves everyday at market open.

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    Look at upgrades/downgrades if you want action.

  3. Thanks, I'll try that out.
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    Play semi stocks

    or check Briefing news:
    http://finance.yahoo.com/mp (delayed free version, subscribe for real time version from briefing.com)
  5. I subscribe to briefing.com.

    How about playing the gaps? Briefing.com posts a few stocks that are gapping up/down everyday. Should those be played?

    Again, thanks for the info.
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    I make 80% of my money playing opening gaps during the first 30 minutes of the day.
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    Yes, play those gaps.....I would choose QQQ as it is all the tech stocks rolled into one. Or NQ if you do futures.
    Eighty percent of the time there is a good move first thing:D
  8. If you want to know the evening before use volume BO's (BO means Break out)

    The easiest place to get them for both long and short trades in the AM is stocktables.com.

    If you do not like a long list or, more important sort them by quality. Use the EPS and RS to shorten the list.

    By sorting by increasing volume on the list, the ones you want are at the top.

    If you cannot do evening sorts every evening, then look at the list at the bottom for those that wil go soon (1 or 2 days into future.)

    If you can only look weekends, then use the top for Monday the Bottom for tues and Weds and the middle for later in the week.

    I wouldn't do anything under 10 bucks and i would use EPS and RS to adjust the length to about 60 stocks.

    This week POSO was up 30% on tues and ROXI was 8% on Weds, etc. POSO is 15% again today. These are under 10 I know and I pulled them off a special list I run for just dropping $ from sweeps into these for daily chunks of $.
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    i subscribe to briefing... i cannot find it on there...
  10. It's usually posted in the "In-Play" section every morning right before market open.
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