Which stock for scalping?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bachelier, Mar 24, 2002.

  1. FasterpussycatraderRX.......busted :)
    #11     Mar 25, 2002
  2. Magna

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    Interesting, I see you're offering Candle about the same amount of information he provided you. If he presses further, I recommend that you remind him to cut his losses short and let his winners run. :eek:

    Turnabout is fair play, eh?
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  3. so what DATtrader, is it so improbable that there are two of us out of millions on this board that trade nvidea??? get real.....
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  4. jem


    magna, perhaps further investigation might show that candle and traderx/cat are the same person. I have suspected that rx is somebody alternative ego anyway.

    This subject brings up a question can determined computer hacks find out who "traders" are or at least if they orginate from the same ip address.
    #14     Mar 26, 2002
  5. Dearest Brother Jem,

    Although I disagree with you about me being TradeRX, I do agree with you that TradeRX = Cat = Shortnfool = GeeTO69 = Doug Neston = many, many other nicknames .... as many oldtimers on Elitetrader will readily testify, my relationship with TradeRX started out as a relationship of mutual HATRED (back in the early days, I was too serious for my own good, and I developed hypertension from the daily trials and tribulations of coping with my then enemy TradeRX)... but as time wore on, TradeRX and I grew closer (as a result of me loosening up and seeing the funny side of life), and the relationship between me and his many nicknames is now more of a love-hate relationship... the best analogy I can evoke is that of a Sweet and Sour Pork dish... if you just had it as sweet pork or just had it as sour pork, it would taste pretty disgusting... but when you have the sweetness and sourness in the correct proportions, the dish becomes a majestic delicacy... similarly, I have reached the stage in my relationship with TradeRX where the love-hate balance that we share is optimal; this optimisation of the love-hate balance enables me to assert with the greatest of sincerity that I am proud to have him as a Brother... just as I am proud to have people like Hitman, Tony Oz and Don Bright as my most honorable of Brethren, too...

    With the form of platonic love that can only be found amongst the Trading Brethren...
    Your Brother,
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  6. Brother Pussy,

    Since there are not millions on this board, exitus acta probat, there cannot be millions on this board trading NVDA. Moreover, there are not millions of Nasdaq daytraders, regardless of whether or not this board forms part of their web visitation routine...

    Please apologise to DATtrader for your ignorant statement...

    Thank you.

    Your Brother...
    #16     Mar 26, 2002
  7. QQQ with IB as your brocker

    Consolidated trend breaks on 1 min intraday chart, you can get in and out faster than anything, great for scalping.

    #17     Mar 26, 2002
  8. Hold on did I say brocker.... I meant broker.:confused:
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  9. Oh deer!

    Definition: Brocker
    A small South American deer, of several species (Coassus superciliaris, C. Rufus, and C. Auritus).

    Origin: OE. Broket, F. Broquart fallow deer a year old, fr. The same root as E. Broach, meaning point (hence tine of a horn).

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