Which Stock Do You Feel Will Rise

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  1. Along with the rise in the price of a barrel of oil?

    If oil goes to $100.00+ in the next 6 months to a year, which stock or stocks would you buy now that would go up as the price of oil goes up?
  2. ADM.

    Ethanol production will increase, and whether the ethanol companies do well or not, ADM will get paid whatever it wants to process both corn into ethanol, and soybeans into biodiesel.

    The higher oil goes, and the more constrained refined gasoline becomes, the more ADM will process.

    All of this is being prompted by the tax dollars you and I pay, which are subsidizing corn planting at a record level.

    ADM is about to make an absolute killing.
  3. letsrun


    If I was really sure oil would go any where above 80$, I'd buy XOM

    dude check out the earnings XOM posts ... (the following fact is real:) ... no company in the world history has ever made the net income XOM made last year
  4. That's true.

    I thought he implied a non-oil stock, but maybe not.
  5. So far we have ADM and XOM

    Thanks to both of you!
  6. No, oil stock is fine. Any stock that will benefit from the coming rise in oil is what I am looking for.
  7. If your looking for a double or triple, a highly speculative trading stock then I say look at the small/micro cap drillers/explorers that trade in the single digits. They can be found here:


    However, if your looking for more of a safehaven investment that you wont lose your shirt if things turn quick then I say look at components of the XOI. You'll have to go to the charts to see which one is most preferable...

    Marathon Oil MRO
    Exxon Mobil XOM
    Chevron Corp CVX
    Sunoco Inc SUN
    Total 'b' Ads TOT
    Conocophillips COP
    Royal Dutch Shell PLC ADS RDSa
    Bp p.l.c. Ads BP
    Valero Energy VLO
    Hess Corp HES
    Occidental Petroleum OXY
    Anadarko Petroleum APC
    Repsol Ypf S.a.ads REP

    Components of the OSX or oil service index dont seem to be as bullish as the XOI components.

    Finally, one great animal of a good reliable trading stock is PTR or Petrochina.
  8. Don't forget the Norwegian Goliath, Statoil (STO), which I own, based on valuation.
  9. Check out XLE(spy energy). That will track and this stock moves. Just be careful

  10. XOM is a safe bet

    Also solar energy stocks will do well
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