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  1. Is there a way to find out who the specialist is for all NYSE stocks?
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    Try the NYSE website. There are only like 7 firms that specialize. La Branche, Spear Leads, Van Der Moolen to name a few.
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    lol looking to recoop some losses???

  4. dont know what software you use but Thompson one analytics has a "long quote" that lists the specialist firm and post # for each particular issue
  5. Yeah! I'm gonna sue their asses!

    Actually, what I had in mind was to see if I could spot some type of pattern among the securities that these specialists handle.
    I suspect there is something but I would need to know which individual handles which stock.

  6. Call up the Director of Surveillance for the NYSE and ask him or his associate who the specialist is. 212-656-3000

    Or you can contact Eric Ryan at the NYSE who tracks program trading activity: 212-656-2411

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    well if you find out who the spec is on AIG, tell him i want my money back...
  8. Ok, so far I see that as someone posted, there are 7 specialist firms representing virtually ALL NYSE stocks.

    It seems they only tell you the names of the firms but not the individual "head specialist person" for each company.

    Still, this gives me enough info to begin.

    Thanks guys!
  9. i don't know whats crazier the homeless man talking to himself on the subway or you. i don't think you only can't win, i think your a fool for thinking it. whatever you lost it would cost more to sue the nyse. if the big guys get screwed and they got deep pockets, why do you think indextrader on elitetrader is going to win. there job is to screw you and your job is to get an edge so you can be on the side of the specialist screwing others.
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