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  1. Nearly fried my brain last couple of days, trying different software, trying to get feeds working, trying to understand the margins/commissions and filling out an enormous amount of forms to try different brokers :) So I am very thankful for any input/recommendations from experienced traders I could get.

    Question in short:

    Good beginner setup or recommendation for "popular" micro/mini contract futures on at $3000 account.

    Some more context:

    I am a beginner planning to start trading Futures Micro Contracts with a $3000 account to begin with (I am also interested in trading Crypto.)

    YMU19 - Dow Futures E-Mini
    NQU19 - Nasdaq 100 E-Mini
    GCQ19 - Gold
    ESU19 - S&P 500 E-Mini
    CLQ19 - Crude Oil WTI

    Are contracts I am interested in focusing on when it comes to Futures. Been looking around at data feeds, and Kinetic seems to be a popular one. However when I select these markets I end up at a minimum 200-300 USD fee per month for the data feed only?

    Am I doing something wrong, is there any better solutions or is this what people starting out trading micro contracts simply pay?

    The fees has made me a little bit interested in Tradestation which seem to have lower fees on their data feeds (if I understood the pricing correctly).

    Maybe Tradestation is the better option for a beginner or maybe something completely different?
    They do not appear to charge any fees for the data feed but maybe I misunderstood.

    Tried both FXCM and Rithmic trial data, but cannot load Crypto with it and feels meaningless to play around with since its not real time.

    So, many questions and do not feel clear enough yet in this Jungle to yet get started.

    Appreciate any input
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