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  1. kenten


    i have a trading strategy all the time in position on a single futures contract . it is based on hourly data.
    i can not use any automated trading software because i trade local market in turkey. No broker let automated trading.
    i have some difficulty designing the automated project. for now i have this
    i need to download the prices manually. then wealth lab scan will run . the alert page will be copied to excel , a formula will compute whether 1- change the stop price 2- do nothing 3- will enter a new stop price because the last one was hit
    according to the formula result one of three different web scripts will run and enter the order to the broker's web interface
    this will repeat itself 9 times daily , just before the hour change

    i think i can do the part until excel file with a macro prgram. i need to have some kind of vb script to start web scripts which i am planning to use "iopus internet macros" . i may need another process to make certain that everything worked otherwise send a message to me or terminate the position.

    my problem is whether using macro and vb script is the best way to do this. (i am sure it is not:) , but for the time being a working solution ) which software i should use .
    i am trying to learn visual basic which i hope, capable of doing all in one run. (yet i have another problem here, which vb i should try to learn , vba vb.net etc)

    any help will be greatly appreciated
  2. Tums


    there are programs call "Screen Scrapper" that can extract the specific information from an area of a computer monitor, no matter what website/program that is from.

    the extracted information can be automatically deposited into an Excel worksheet (or whatever program you want to use).
  3. janus007


    If you take the time to learn .NET either VB or C# you'll easily be capable of doing whatever extraction and order handling through a website you can think of :D

    Use your time to get a basic understanding of the language/ syntax and focus on WebRequest and Regular Expressions :)
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    thank you all
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