Which software to use with Interactive Brokers for charts?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by affan, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. affan


    Like most people I am not a fan of IB Charts. But I am not sure which software to use, any recommendations? Thanks!
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    It is free. :D
  3. affan


    I find quotetracker to be really annoying! :(

    I wish Tradestation had charged exchange fees just like IB! then i be in heaven :D
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  5. NinjaTrader works with IB as a datafeed very well too. And paid version can even execute live trades.
  6. Not only that, you can trade right on the chart with NinjaTrader.
  7. ITR2744


    I use QT for a long time and I think it's the best charting program all around...
    *QT runs very thin on my machine
    *free or small 60$/year
    *fast support

    Recently I tried NinjaTrader but I don't like it...
  8. IB TWS charting tool is not that bad, but its too slow and buggy...

    I use :

    [1] Quotetracker.com with IB feed, for live quick view (especially for live markets not provided by prorealtime like AMEX)

    [2] Prorealtime.com for charting with their own live feed. They have one of the best platform and their EOD feed is free (if you want to test it first.)
  9. QT is good s/w. But has one HUGE flaw - only up to 10 days of intraday data (even if it's like 4H bars!)... It makes it not very convenient for a trader who uses S&R and trendlines on intraday timeframes from longer periods of time back.
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