Which software should I take

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  1. Hello,

    I would need some advice as I am a bit confused when looking at the various threads on softwares.

    I have been using an old version of Metastock (7.03) as a charting tool for my European stocks. I have recently opened an account at IB to trade US stocks, but now I face the problem of reliable real time daily data download to feed Metastock.
    I purchased HSQuote but I am disappointed by the quality of the data sources (especially for European stocks), and I thought I could get real time data but got 15 min delayed (through Yahoo) instead.
    So I am looking for a reliable real time source of EOD daily data, I would have liked to use the datafeed provided by the TWS of IB (because free of charge), but it seems that IB limit to 100 symbols to be downloaded each day, is that right ? the problem is that I need to explore each day the SP500 and SP400 stocks, in that case I would need 900 symbols.
    Otherwise, I found the software IBloader could do the job, but I am wondering whether it would not be better to buy an up to date charting software with downloading capability. I have seen comments abouts NT, Amibroker, Multicharts, and TradeStation but I am a bit lost concerning whether they can fullfill my needs which are : downloading RT daily, charting (explorer, system trading and backtesting) and maybe also trading, despite I trade through TWS. Trading capability would be just for programming trailing stops related to a multiple of ATR, but probably is is possible through the API feature of TWS ?

    Sorry for asking so many questions in just one thread, and sorry for my average english, but thank you in advance for all comments or opinion you may have.

    Bruno, from France.