Which software providers offer trials?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by deadreader, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. Which of the reliable software providers offer trials?
  2. Sioux


    We do...FFastTrade

    Plaese send me a pm or email @ susan.cloud@ffastfill.com

    please indicate which exchnages you would like to demo.
  3. I also wondered if anyone knew of a free trial offered at RealTick or TradeStation?
  4. VTTrader


    I'm just about to call TS now to find out about this--I couldn't find a trial offer at their site. I'll let you know what I find....
  5. ts wont give trials. i have asked. you have to open account.
  6. VTTrader


    Yep, that's what I just learned, too. No free trial at TS....
  7. Anyone else?

    So far I've confirmed that the following offer trials:
  8. Hi Dreadreader,
    most charting program publishers provide a free trial, Equis/MetaStock, Sierra Chart, Fibonacci Trader, Amibroker, NeoTicker, have a look at Elite Trader's programs reviews.

    Most data vendors also offer trials, myTrack offers 30 days, I think Interactive Brokers has a trial or demo, browser search 'data vendors' should produce more results, and Medved is a free charting program with probably a delay using Quotecom ? as the feed. Wallace.
  9. To clear up a few things -

    QuoteTracker has no delay on their free version; just a 2-day data limit and banner ads. It uses IB's datafeed, among others, for real-time charting.

    Esignal's free trial is a pay-first get your money back later trial, less a hefty processing fee.

    Metastock i know of no trial. It's pay or don't use. The closest thing to a trial is a monthly plan for 200 bucks that uses qcharts.

    AmigoCharts has no trial; already asked.

    Those are the only ones I'm familiar with.
  10. Which futures plateform are among the best that can
    be traded for most international future exchanges and
    that comes with charting?
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