Which software is the best scanning tool?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Nana Trader, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. When you vote, consider their subcrition fees only,
    and do not consider any other benifit or features
    that come with the software.
    Our aim is to find which software with best capabilities
    on finding and giving alarts real time for trades setups?

    Also name other Scanning tools that not in on my list.
  2. check out linnsoft.com
  3. Digs


    The best will always be your own custom built software...

    for either intraday or EOD..

    Get Qcollector and VB6.0/excel/C#

    Develope your own realtime scanner...
  4. Their scanner is indicator based, and does not have
    candle and other chart pattern recognition capabilities.

    As a whole, 65$month/quartly with many other features
    is a good products.
  5. Can you enlighten me on something. What do you mean by an indicator based scanning? Can you illustrate an example of scanning that u are looking for?

  6. just21


    Take a look at ramp from www.nebadawn.com This program will scan for trendline touches and breaks on flat, resistance and support trendlines. It is quick and the input list can be filtered in tc2000 for volume and positive bop first.
  7. You are right, but still you have to use one of these
    scanning software to do it for you, and we trying to
    find whichone can do more possibilities?
  8. fabrizio



    Thanks for the very interesting poll. IMHO opinion you should add Mainly the ADVANCED GET MARKET SCANNER, amid the others good Scanner all available in the latest release of ESIGNAL ( POWER, RALLY, PRE MARKET, HOT GROUPS, )
  9. trajecto


    I have been very happy with IQchart.


    You cannot scan the current days data until 7:30 pm (it's EOD not intraday) but it is very powerful and lets you build all types of scans.

    It's an excellent tool for searching out swing trade candidates. For $35 a month it's worth it.
    #10     Jul 18, 2003