Which software is ideal for multi-strategy autotrading ?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by joesan, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. joesan



    I am a futures/options trader and my approach is exclusively mechanical. Currently I am using Amibroker as my autotrading platform, ( it is very good for strategy development ) but as the number of markets/strageties/accounts is increasing, I hope to try some other software that may be more efficient in handling multi-strategy autotrading. Are there any such software out in the market ?

    Also, please kindly confirm if you know it is possible to run 5-6 strategies with Amibroker in one machine.

  2. Tums


    most software can run multi-strategies.

    maybe you are thinking of portfolio management of multi-strategies?
  3. joesan


    I only trade a limited number of futures/options, actually 4 symbols , with 1-3 strategy targeted at each symbol.

    I need to dynamically sending/modifying/cancelling stop/limit orders every 5-8 seconds and Amibroker's IBcontroller works perfectly for me as a single strategy autotrading platform, but I have problem implementing multistrategies on the same machine. Now I run one strategy each on several machines. That's why I asked if someone is running multistrategies on one machine with Amibroker.
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