Which software for the news trading?

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  1. kakao


    I am using currently the platform of InteractiveBrokers and they offer many news sources like Seeking Alpha, Accesswire, Yahoo, Reuters, Benzinga etc. for free. But it seems like the news are delayed. Mostly before i read the news, price action happens.

    Is there are professional news service that i can search news for the specific keywords and tickers in real time?

    Thanks for your reply in advance.
  2. ZBZB


    You can get Reuter’s EIKON rebadged www.metastock.com Xenith for $99 a month
  3. kakao


    I talked to the customer service but they use Reuters only and i think $150 monthly is really high for that compared to the IBKR's free software... Attached the news sources of IBKR.
  4. 2rosy


    your plan is to read an article of news and then place an order on how you interpret the article? There is software that will read articles and place orders in seconds
  5. kakao


    Which software is that?
  6. Overnight


    You just said you think IBKR's news data is delayed. If you want to trade real-time news, you need a real-time news feed. You gotta' pay money for that sort of thing.
  7. kakao


    Forum's troll has just arrived. Hello, where were you ? Oh, really? Do i need to pay for the real time news? YOU ARE A MASTERMIND. Don't waste your time here mastermind. LMAO...

    But to whom it may concern, if there is a payed subscription in TWS for the real time news, no there is no unfortunately. That's just another useless troll advice from @Overnight he is just farming posts (14k posts from him and never seen any useful post, lol). Just block him and let him live in his own world.
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    If you want to make the moves at the same time as everyone else (algos), you have to be everyone else. And it ain't free.


    Delivery: low latency via News Feed Direct; connections available in New York, Chicago, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Moscow"

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  10. Fx-Game


    Bloomberg or Reuters are expensive.

    But if you need on time news, there are only a few alternatives.

    Squawk boxes, like ransquawk, livesquawk...
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