Which Software / Data / Order routing service / brokerage for European based trader?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Koros, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. Koros


    coming from the stocks world, the futures arena is a nightmare to get correctly setup.
    I have special requirements and I need the right combo of software / data / order routing service and brokerage. Please advise if you know a solution.

    Here are my requirements:

    Instruments traded: CME, EUREX
    Data: Need CME data from USA, Eurex data from EUROPE, as i'm in Europe
    Simulation: need to be able to practice simulation trading on both CME and EUREX instruments.
    Order routing: Need to be able to have orders managed from USA for CME trading, and Europe for Eurex trading.

    Apparently that seems to be a very tall order.
    Here is what I looked into:

    - CQG Qtrader: Doesn't provide simulation for Eurex instruments. But it does seem to allow choosing Data Center and Orer Execution center in USA or London (needs to be confirmed). Problem is that their 1 chart limitation is redhibitory.

    - Sierra Chart: That one seemed perfect for CME trading. For EUREX trading, it seems I can chose the Frankfut TT server for order managment (please confirm that), but there is no way to have data from europe: they provide data from barchart but it goes all the way to Chicago then back to europe, which is nonsensical. Their hostility toward CQG and all what is not their own data is problematic.

    So what's the solution?

    I was thinking to go full TT on a commission plan with AMP future, but AMP future answers: "You will have access to TT standard but cannot adjust data and order routing service." so it seems I might be forced to get EUREX data from single USA source.

    So what are my solutions?
  2. ZBZB


    Have two accounts, one for cme and one for eurex.
  3. zwangerz


    If your trading is automated you could get an IB account in USD for CME trading and run your software on a rented server near IB's servers for something like 40$/month and you can use IB as a data source(if 250ms snapshots are enough) and also use them for order routing. Same thing with a 2nd account in Europe(where you set your region to Europe in IB configuration)
  4. traider


    Where is your server located? Which IB server are you locating close to?
  5. Koros


    My trading is discretionary and i'm in Paris, France.
  6. patrickrooney

    patrickrooney Sponsor

    This doesn't sound difficult to arrange. Message me with your contact info and I'll hook you up with a TT sales rep who will assist you.



  7. zwangerz


    Secaucus New Jersey