Which software allows me to import my own buy/sell signals?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mizhael, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. I just want to import the buy/sell signals,
    and overlay the signals on top of the price curves,
    so that it shows some up and down arrows,
    and together with other indicators, curves, etc.

    Which software allows me to do that?

    Let's say import price data, as well as buy/sell signals,
    and then draw them together, overlayed,
    nicely, and we can explore the curves interactively...
  2. Amibroker should do what you are outlining - you can import your trade signals as a custom equity (say ~mytradesignals) - and then chart them, or use them to program/backtest a system. If your trade signals are, say, a range of 0 (meaning sell) and 1 (meaning buy), then it should be really simple.
  3. can it be overlayed on other prices curves?
    I plan to use Tradestaition, does TS have this feature?
    Just wanted to learn one software...
  4. another vote from amibroker from me..

    Pretty much anything is possible in amibroker.

    I've never added raw signal output to AB, but it might be possible.

    Usually you either filter/screen data for raw signals, or you backtest symbols on a portfolio level basis.

    ATC - add to composite allows you to combine raw signals into combined signals for virtually any type of new signal that you can then trade the equity or force a basket into or out of a position.

    The above should solve any type of trading for retail level trading.
  5. I can't comment on TS - I believe it can do it as well. With Ami, you can plot it as any other price.