Which site gives the highest discount on TurboTax?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by hajimow, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Any link with the highest Turbotax discount is appreciated.
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    Don't only look at the percentage discount. Look at the final price.
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    turbo tax suck as a software..a lot of bugs,hard ro remove ALL components ,if you uninstall,slow and consume a lot of resources. and i have no idea,why the internet connection is always required and what this piece of shit soft is sending to his owners...i've tried few times(including last year)-i give up on this shit..
    tax cut imo way to go. small,simple. clean install,clean uninstall,internet connection is required for updates only,no bs random connections on middle of the tax preparation process..

    on sale today on amazon
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    I do it online. I don't install it on my PC. I have tried Tax Cut before but I will also try it this year and compare.
  9. tried tax cut 1-2 years back = total crap compared to turbotax.

    i like turbotax but turbotax business is crap unfortunately.
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