Which set up is the best

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by kooki, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. kooki

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    Which set up is the best ?

    For two 22 inches wide screen monitor - what graphic card to use?

    Which processor is good for real time fast and stable execution of trade ?

    Memory - Is 2 Gb enough ?

    Please advised !
  2. nexx


    Any Graphics card will do if you not gaming even one with 128mb of vRam will do the job because your not going to be rendering 3D stuff.

    LOL, i lol because these kinda questions make me laugh and make me sad, do you honestly think there a processor specifically made for a trader?!? For this question again most any of the new ones will that are sold by Dell. like anything above a Intel Dual Core 2.16ghz is fine also. Fast and Stable execution of trades 99% of the time depends on your Broker/Software/Internet Connection not your processor.

    2GB is also fine. because your just going to be running what a max of 3 programs at a time even 1gb will do the job for that.

    As someone said on the forums on another post. "One thing a super fast computer will definitely allow a trader to do is—to lose money even faster"