which school is the best?

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    Hello, im a fresh trader have some basic++ knowledge and right now im looking for school that would provide me knowledge and support to help me become profitable. Because i dont have as much experince as u all i would like to know your advice which school would provide me the best to achive my goal? thx!
  2. Ur heard of School of Hard Knockz?
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    If the people at school could trade, why waste their efforts on whatever you can pay them? I have not in my 34 years of trading ever found a trading school to be worth any salt.

    Take a year and read the articles in this forum, you will be able to find out who the better traders are, then ask if any of them willing to mentor you.
  4. +1. i've graduated from there - it's the most expensive but also gives you the best education.

    my advice - don't spend a penny at a traditional school (either bricks and mortar/online/etc) - just spend all your time reading and testing strategies - there are plenty of quality free resources out there - pm me for suggestions
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    thx for the replys, appreciate your time~
  6. babypips.com/school has everything you need

    then go to forexfactory and learn one or two threads there in "trading system". make sure you open an old thread and find a proven method for at least a year
  7. Most of these guys are mocking you to some extent, which is quite normal.
    There are no trading schools. There are books but most of them are worthless, maybe some 5% are worth anything. There's been a few good ones posted on other parts of this forum even.

    The reason there are no "schools" for traders is that there are so many ways to trade, in theory an infinite number of possibilities. Whoever finds an edge isn't going to share it, like the best cooks don't share their recipes. Trading is just like any other regular job, it involves the same amount of work and effort to make a living out of it. There are no glamorous parts of it like in the movies, except perhaps for the fact that if you do have an edge, unlike in companies where you have to get promoted, with the markets and an edge you can promote yourself by increasing your wealth as much as you want - it's a free market. But it takes a lot of work, otherwise everyone would do it.

    Your first task will be to decypher which books/material is crap someone want's to take your money for, vs which are of any value. Good luck.
  8. One where the boy friend /girlfriend teaches /mentors you with undivided attention , with extra care.
  9. The Old Skool is always better than the new Skool!!!
  10. Read the entire ACD thread in the technical analysis forum. It's better than anything I paid for.
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