Which scenario would you prefer?

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  1. cloudy


    In vein with sci-fi movies/tv of the past, 40 years from now, would one prefer:

    1) Soylent Green. No more SS. Off to the rest centers playing Beethoven's "Pastoral". Everyone else has their green wafers. If you can shoot as well as Heston with a .357 , you can take over a rich guy's ultramodern house.

    2) Terminator: Every city in rubble and flames. Robots killing off the rest of the useless overpopulation most of which are mercifully dead. Whether an "elite" population controls the robots or a master AI "skynet". There are no more need for workers of any kind as robots can do manual labor and research and engineering instead of people.

    3) Star Trek: Completely socialized planet. Free energy for all from futuristic sources. i.e. Matter energy conversion, transporters and warp drive and nanites have negated the need for any physical resources or private property. Everyone can choose to be idle or explore space and join Starfleet, Kirk and crew.

    4) Blade Runner. Global corporations completely control the world. Continual rain. More than half of the world unemployed have either died from no health care, starvation, or have joined the corporate "sponsored" programs for a "brand new life on the off-world colonies!" with a free pack of Coca-cola to work as slaves alongside the Tyrell corp's Nexus androids.
  2. The Matrix please. Plug me in thank you.
  3. Star Trek. For the simple fact that I get to ride in a space ship.
  4. Yeah right....we all know a porn addict like you picked star trek just for that holodeck. :D
  5. It is a horrible thought for all of them. What about 1984 that is a more likely completely socialist planet not star trek.
  6. danielc1


    The matrix is not sf or in the future...:cool:
  7. cloudy


    Matrix - good point. I kind of forgot about it. I was looking at movies before 1990. And Matrix seems kind of derivative of other old sci-fi, but the "bullet time" effects were original. 1984 , forgot about that too. There was a movie too, but way too Britishy dull. I guess 1984 and some of Farenheit 451 (but they had no terminator like robot dogs! like in the book) could be more realistic in what's in store for our crumbling society in the future.