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  1. http://www.theroot.com/buzz/man-kills-himself-over-obama-reelection

    Man Kills Himself Over Obama Re-Election

    In a really tragic story that we're guessing has less to do with national politics than it does with the overall mental health of a deeply troubled individual, a Florida man who warned that he might cause harm to himself if Barack Obama won the presidency (What happened to just threatening to leave the country, or getting your state to secede?) seems to have made good on his promise.

    New York's Daily News reports that Henry Hamilton, 64, was discovered dead in his home on Nov. 8 alongside two empty bottles of prescription drugs and a living will in which he'd written, "Do not revive! F--k Obama!" The saddest part is that while the Obama administration will continue for only four more years, his friends and family will have to grapple with this loss forever.

    His partner Michael Cossey told the Key West police that Hamilton was "very upset about the election results," The Miami Herald reported.

    Hamilton had reportedly warned Cossey that, "if Barack gets reelected, I'm not going to be around."

    While Hamilton's official cause of death is still pending an autopsy result, a police spokeswoman told the paper that "There's absolutely no evidence of foul play."

    In addition to his anguish over the results of the presidential election, Hamilton was also "very stressed about his business," running a tanning salon, according to Cossey.

    Hamilton's friends were also apparently aware he was struggling, and one had asked the police department to regularly check on his well-being, the Herald reported.

    It was during one of those checks that Hamilton's dead body was discovered.
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  3. One fewer republicans to deal with:D

    Let's hope it starts a lemming like stampede . Just kidding.:D
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    2) I takes shots, meaning I'm no longer low T either.

    Question. Would you stand at a gas pump yelling "you're low on gas" as drivers pulled away, after having just filled up their tank?

    Now run along son. Go jack off watching a Katy Perry music video. :D
  5. Man Kills Himself Over Obama Re-Election

    so far so good, much better than some deranged guy taking out 40, 50 people because he is pissed and then kills himself.

    oth, wonder how Obama feels about this.
  6. My first thought would have been leapuo or scat,since they're still posting I'm thinking Yannis or Jake Jones :cool:
  7. A gay guy commits suicide because Obama's elected??? You can't be serious.

    Sounds like SNL -- only they would have made him dislexic, too.
  8. where is jem. havent seen him for a while?
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    You sure you don't have him on ignore?
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