Which Reuters Product?

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  1. I wanted to know if I can customize the time frame for net insider(outside beneficiary) shares brought/sold, and if it would be possible to just click on the holders' names to cross reference.
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    Ok. There is tab for "Insider Report", but it needs a special access for extra fee in my Xenith platform.
    Time frame customization should not be big deal for them, not sure about cross reference.
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  3. Thanks man. Just had a sample. Reuters sucks much less now:sneaky: We don't care for latency so we just ended up downloading everything we can think of messing around with.
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  4. For investors who are into stocks only, how does Reuters compare against Bloomberg? Would you pay up for Bloomberg terminal even though it is far more expensive? Is Bloomberg terminal still that good?
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    If you mean equity price data only, there's no reason to pay up for BBG. The marginal value is the analytics.
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  6. In that case, the cheaper Reuters offerings would be enough for stocks. Reuters products also have analytics and it is hard to justify Bloomberg higher price. It's not as if Bloomberg has the obvious superior analytics. Maybe if one is into fixed income as well as stocks, Bloomberg might make a better choice.
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  7. The Metastock Xenith version of Eikon is pretty nifty and good value for money (compares to full Eikon). There are some very useful features missing that the various other SKUs of Eikon have. A lot around Fixed Income is missing and Macro Data is almost completely gone from Xenith. And there is no Datastream access in Eikon

    That being said, I still question the accuracy of Eikon (Be it Xenith or full version). Many times the data displayed (price information and calculators) gives me incorrect information or is very error prone. (In other words, I'd say it is a bit buggy).

    Example 1: Option Pricer seems to change the date I selected without telling me when I click calculate (sometimes have to do it twice). Also it displays wrong prices for options (often off by 20%+). So fun to play with, but I would not actually rely on the values.

    Example 2: Monitor does not always update the value of a symbol until you click on it, so you might think it's trading at 199.50 but that information could be 30 minutes old and just never refreshed.

    Example 3: If you have too many rows (say, 100+) it may not update all the columns with information (especially if the market is closed).

    Example 4: I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to get after hours AND regular trading hours to show up on the same chart (I can have one or the other) OR get the Quote Monitor to continue to update with after hours prices. (Annoying if the price ticks up 1% after market closed because of orders still being filled, and Eikon won't show this correctly).

    HOWEVER, the Equity Metrics you can pull is pretty robust and can make doing some work very efficient. Combined with custom formulas, you can generate a view of information with your own calculated metrics, then filter and sort accordingly and watch live updates.

    Granted you could do the same with Excel, a data feed, and parsing reports from various web sites.

    Having used both Xenith and the Full version of Eikon, I definitely notice the missing functionality, however I'm not sure it warrants the extra price (about 800$+ more for a more enhanced SKU. The full SKU costs 2k/mo).

    To be honest, I'd have to start to consider Bloomberg Terminal instead of the full Eikon at that price point. Although I sometimes wonder if any of them would do what I need.

    Although, Datastream on Eikon is VERY nice (if you are a Macro junkie). Not seen anything else but a Bloomberg that can do that.
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