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  1. Greetings! This is my first post.

    I'm wondering which Reuters Product is best for long-tern strategy(24m+) testing of International stocks (north America included) based on weekly price movement, volume and financials? I contacted their sales in the US, who happened to be rather confused... Their EU office is not very knowledgeable either.

    I know reuters fundamental data is not on par with bb, capital iq or factset, but it's certainly cheaper and covers many more markets than I can trade. Most importantly, on the whole it's decent enough for me.

    And is it true that Reuters doesn't have a cap for daily data download? Just in case I want to export 10gb of data in one day:)

    Any ideas guys?
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    I do have Xenith. You can download data to Excel. They also provide many templates or you can build your own sheets with their many functions.
  4. Thanks guys, I know reuters' financial data goes back 9 financial years. How about Xenith?
  5. Wait a minute, Xenith IS powered by Reuters it seems... Damn they have too many brands
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    Xenith is a Reuters eikon terminal with some limits for about 10% of the price. A few stories cannot be read but you get the headline. Ask metastock what the limits are, do report back.

    Look at www.ycharts.com
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    Drop by their offices in NYC (or London, or...) for a demo. In person, I've found them gracious and knowledgeable.

    No idea how you concluded that. Reuters is blue-chip. (Btw, BBG doesn't offer a research-quality db.)
  8. Maybe was just my lucky day to run into their B team:sneaky: They might be better equipped for answering technical questions, however stumbled when I asked them about nitty gritty of fundamental research related features.
  9. I got the same feeling about Bloomberg as well, but care to give a few examples?
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    What kind of fundamental research related features you are looking for?
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