Which Republican Candidate will be best for our economy?

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  1. Herman Cain wants to get rid of the IRS and just use a sales tax, thus removing all tax burden for companies which would help bring jobs back to the US and would get illegal aliens, drug dealers, and other cash only people to pay their portion of taxes.

    Ron Paul wants to help reduce the effects of Unions which would help untie the hands of business innovation and also reduce their overall cost which should help unemployment.

    Who do you think would be best for the economy?
  2. Mitt Romney. If he is still interested.
  3. ron paul!
  4. Those are both excellent ideas if implemented correctly. I should add the Scott Walker is to be commended for bringing alot of the union stuff to the forefront (another comment - I saw a union teacher was charged with attempted murder, and put on leave WITH pay lol).

    I think Romney has proven his leadership and ability to run a business, but he may be more "standard" with his ideas.

    Donald Trump would be good in the take no prisoners attitude he would bring - the OBL capture brought to light we flat out GIVE Pakistan (who mostly hates us) $1 Billion per year. I think Trump would review ALL foreign aid and reconsider alot of it. personally, I think we need to reduce foreign aid by 90-99% at least until the U.S. is really humming again - people say we need to help allies, but again, most of these guys hate us anyway. Also, why not call Saudia Arabia and the like and tell them we are no longer going to accept paying full price for their damn oil and we will take our security forces with us if they don't agree to give us a substantial break.

    Everytime I hear Michele Bachmann talk, she seems really good as well (not going to just auto-raise the debt ceiling because others want it, etc.)

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    There's not a single good one out there. I turned off the fox news debate. Right now, it's who's the best of the worst, Romney, Pawlenty. Still waiting for a White Knight to come in.
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    Republicans candidates are just like religions-they're all crap

    You're fired!
  7. you have got to be kidding.
  8. Sarah Palin.

    By example, she'd cause a population explosion that will eventually solve the poor housing market. Plus, I'd like to fuck her in the Lincoln bedroom. Or Bristol if Sarah's busy.
  9. I watched the SC debate. Trump, Romney, Bachmann, Gingrich didn't even bother to show up. Pawlenty doesn't seem to have any new ideas and lacks charisma. Ron Paul knows he can't win but I respect the simplicity and purity of his libertarian politics. Rick Santorum is a moral ideologue and a neocon -- we need less of that crap, not more. Surprisingly the pizza guy did really well in the debate - Herman Cain. Very positive performance, although I don't know much about him. Gary Johnson was the last candidate. Another boring "I just wanna be President" type.
  10. That is about how I felt about the debate as well. Going into this I didn't know anything about Cain and I liked him the best. Johnson seemed creepy to me. If you watched the panel response afterwords he really won them over too.
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