Which real live future trading room I should choose?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Affecto, Aug 24, 2009.

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  1. Affecto


    You guys know any futures real live trading room where you have subscribed and witness yourself the moderators calls the trade with 1-2 contracts and yet make 200 or more almost every day constantly (>80 % win ratio)?

    No educations is needed here, just follow the moderator with a RISK managed trades and have it worked for you? Please help me because I am tired of paying all those subscriptions just to try them myself!

    How about the following services that I have been with or just heard of:
    1. JT of www.millennium-traders.com
    2. www.advancedtradingworkshop.com
    3. Dan Gramza of www.dangramza.com/advancedvideos.asp
    4. Mike Coval of www.incometrader.com
    5. Robert Hoffman of www.PowerCharting.com
    6. Richard Regan of www.protradingcourse.com
    7. Markus Heitkoetter of www.rockwelltrading.com
    8. Greg of www.TheTradingZone.com
    9. John Carter & Hubert Senters of www.TradeTheMarkets.com

    And many others… Please add your favorite and PLEASE PLEASE Keep it short and to the point
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    ...:( :p ....
  3. FB123


    I never signed up for a trading room because I never thought it would be that useful for me... ultimately you're going to have to come up with your own trading strategy that suits you, not something that someone gives you. Having said that, I have heard most of the above people speak in webinars. If I had to pick one I would recommend Richard Regan out of that list - he actually on the floor of the CME, used to be a pit trader, and doesn't spend all his time hawking his product from what I can tell. Out of all of those you listed I would agree with his trading philosophy the most. Keep in mind that I have never signed up for any of these rooms, this is just based on my impressions from the outside... but some of those that you listed are definitely not people I would recommend a newbie learning from, because I think their trading methodologies are flawed... not going to name any names of the worst ones, only going to say that #6 seemed to be the best.
  4. uswolfus


    I don't think its possible to get the results you want.

    Lets make 2 controversial assumptions - firstly that there is a room that has calls with a genuine edge and positive expectancy, and second that they are clear in advance about entries and exits.

    Even if both of these are true, its very unlikely that you will get the same results. The effects of fills and slippage in the real world will degrade your actual results back to zero or worse. If you look carefully at the rooms which do supply records, you will see that the tempting 2pts each day is made up of many trades. Assume you get a fill of one tick worse on entry and exit and you will quickly go from positive to negative expectancy.

    Ah, you say, I will use limit orders - no slippage. Yes, and then you will not be filled on the one big trade of the day which wipes out the 3 small losers; or worse you will not be filled at a small stop and have to take one big loser which wipes everything out.

    This is why rooms are filled with people who are doing ok on sim, but fail in the real world. There is some pyschology too, but slippage on these kind of trades is a killer.

    And, by the way, I have never found a live room that passes the first two assumptions.
  5. Amazing how many people there are that want an easy way to make trades just by "following the leader" of a so called live trading room so that they dont have to worh hard to find their edge. How pathetic.

    Think it about it! If these so called "live trading gurus" were actually making money consistently, they wouldn't even bother selling their "system" to others, they wouldnt want the competition!!

    Live trading room= highway to failure
  6. +1

  7. xednise


    None of the above or any that would be on the list. What you're looking for isn't available for public consumption, only private.
  8. monti1a


    +1 on all the advice given before my post.
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  10. Choose D.


    Fraud alert...

    they need money..
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