Which prop should I choose?

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  1. Hello everyone there, I decided to change my prop last month, and now I don´t know where to go :confused: .
    I´ve been researching everyday , checked and emailed almost every prop firm out there, and finally got a small list of "good" choices:

    2.Title Trading
    3.JC Trading
    4.Broad Street Trading
    6.MGB Trading
    7.StarAlliance Capital
    8.Epiphany Trading

    Is there any moment that I should care about any of this firms?. I ordered them by preference.

  2. Maverick74


    OK, again I'm going to come off sounding like a dick, but you can't be serious. Again, where do you live? There are 100's of prop firms in this country. Over 50 in Chicago alone. And those are your "good" choices? Can I ask you something? Are you lacking in self confidence?
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    Maybe just enough bank for a decent capital contribution
  4. Maverick74


    I'm talking no capital contribution. There are some rock star prop firms out there. This guy is claiming that list he gave were the ones that made the cut. That's like me listing the top 5 community colleges in IL and saying I looked far and wide to find the very best academic universities to apply to and these are the schools that made the cut. LOL. You gotta try man. I know it's a tough world but believe you me, trading itself is 100 times harder then actually applying to be a trader somewhere. If you don't have the self confidence to shoot for the top, then why even bother trying to trade at all. You following me?
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    I hear you, that's for those capable of being able to get in. Otherwise, its the prop trading dream and those names are the low barrier to entry putting up some cash. You know as well as anyone you can't revolutionize that part of the biz here on et.
  6. Guys,

    I understand your point. Believe me, there are good reasons that made me check that group of props.
    I already wrote Maverick a PM explaining that.

    So please help me with this one at least...
  7. emg


    none of the above. More than 90% of prop traders and 99% of newbies prop traders choose the wrong prop firm. They are just wrong!
  8. Well, and what do you offer me?.

    To sit all my life fearing to chose the wrong one, knowing that there is a 99.9% probability that I will make a mistake anyway?. Even with the fact that I started with the wrong prop in the first place :).
    Or just give up and find a job with some guy that will give me stupid orders, and will no change his mind even if I wrote him a dissertation about his mistake?.
    Or spend the money in a "real" business, work as a horse 14 hours/day, trying to keep it up, knowing that there is the same success probability that the thing that I like to do, but didn´t cause I was afraid to chose the wrong shop?.
  9. emg


    u didn't give us any info what type of prop firm are u looking for. For example:

    Futures? Equity? FX?
    capital deposit limit?
    commission limit?
    payout% limit?
    desk fees limit?
    other fees limit?
    starting leverage?
    etc etc etc
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    Well dude (ronin266) here’s a start. Saw this on “StarAlliance Capital” web site. I have no idea who the HELL they are but why not check it out.

    Career Open House

    We invite you to an Equity Trader Career open house on:
    Wednesday, June 08, 2011
    5:30 P.M. - 6:30 P.M.
    At the open house we provide a mini trading workshop in which we will teach you a few of our trading tactics our traders use every day.

    It’s at 40 Wall street (Trump tower) 5th floor.
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