Which Prop requires less than $5,000 deposit?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by ceo2008, Jul 6, 2007.

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  2. If you join an ACTUAL prop firm they will not require any risk deposit.
  3. your technically correct, he means risk capital, their are very few real prop firms around in the usa anyway. its all risk capital for leverage which most traders want. good trading
  4. There is a firm Guardian Trading LLC which advertises minimum risk deposit of $3000 for 10 x1 leverage, and no licenses required.

    Most people will say that it is almost impossible making money in prop trading being so undercapitalized though.
  5. I have heard of a company called cygroup that requires as little as 4k deposit and gives you 20;1 leverage, no license required. They use Laser platform based on their website. Friend of mine got $.01 per share and ECN rebates with only 4k deposit.
    I myself would be leery of any shop that wasn't protected by SPIC or any other organization. If these firms go under, don't expect to get your deposit back. I would seriously look into futures before I got into an unregulated so-called prop firm. Good luck.
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    Please visit our website at www.jctradinggroup.com. We take into consideration a traders style and experience to determine what amount, if any, we require. Please email, call or PM for more information. Jeff
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    Thanks, guys! Any firms above have office in Chicago?
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    Mr. ceo2008 it seems that if you have less then $5,000 to put down at a Prop shop then your other choice is. Join Prop shop where you are an employee and your income will be from % of money that you can make for the firm.

    At least with this NO MONEY DOWN deal you can train/learn and hopefully become profitable trader in future.
  9. HEY CE02008.. save 5 k, get some experience, then look into finding a firm, you need experience being undercapitalized. may go to the casino with your capital you may have a better chance making money. experience & money, no guarantee of making money. its a tough job. if your asking on et your not ready to trade . good luck
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    If you are in Montreal, Lynx Trading takes $1000 as risk capital and gives it back to you 1 month later if you are profitable. They'll give you over $300K BP. www.lynxtrading.ca
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