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  1. john33


    I'm looking for a prop firm with the following requirements: $5,000 initial deposit, 10xintraday, 3xovernight leverage, no license needed, and 70% plus payout. Please pm or reply if you know of any.
  2. john33


    also this would be remote trading
  3. the one i am using is pretty standard:

    deposit: $3k +
    payout: 70%+
    leverage: intraday: 20, not sure about overnight
    commission: 0.2/1000share
    software: 200/mth
  4. bigpapi


    20 cents a share? You're getting ripped off!
  5. exaltedangel09

    exaltedangel09 Guest

    If your putting up your own capital I agree. Twenty cents is a rip.
  6. cstfx


    Just curious, how is .0002/share a ripoff?

    (20 cents/1000 => .2/1000 = .0002)
  7. i'm with cstfx on this one, .02 cents/share is hard to beat.
  8. exaltedangel09

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    For a scalper 0.20$ is a rip..

    If your position trading (holding longer than 5 min.. then this deal is not bad)
  9. Nobody ever said it was TWENTY CENTS/Share, read the OP's post please, if that is not asking too much!
  10. exaltedangel09

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    I know that.

    It's twenty cents per thousand.

    When you factor in NYSE fees, clearance fees, exchange fees,routing fees etc.. etc.. the dude will be paying 1$ per thousand shares traded.

    All I'm saying is this is not a good strategy if you are a scalper.!

    It's a rip because let's say your down 50$ for the day, and you traded 100k shares.
    You will end up losing over $150 when you include the fees!! The company collets money when you lose ! Remeberthat! This guy is unlikely profitable everyday. yet the company does not care!
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