Which Prop Firms provide the best mentorships and training?

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  1. What firms in your experience provide the best mentorships and training? Any in the New England Area (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or Maine) you could recommend?

    Thanks for the help!
  2. the absolute best are firms that don't charge for training or a deposit, i.e. jane st, first new york securities, jump, etc.

    Those firms hire employees to trade institutional orders. Traders are restricted.

    If you want discretionary trading (i.e. your own style)...you may want to find a firm that doesn't charge for training, but provides free training for members. these are groups like Bright Trading, Capital Traders Group, JC Trading Group, Etc.
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    I don't believe Bright gives free training
  4. We have both. We start with a completely separate class, open to the public and even other firms. In fact, I like to thank our friends at "competing firms" for sending us traders. There is a lifetime fee of $1,000 (for ET'ers), and is 3 days long here in Vegas.

    We have other programs that become available after you join the Firm, including online mentoring, boot camps, one on one, etc.

    We only do our 3 day class 3 times per year, Jan 30 is coming up soon.

    If you have an interest: www.stocktrading.com/training.html

    All traders have an online manager/mentor assigned to them absolutely free, all during the trading day, after hours etc.

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  5. Hi,

    Thanks for the information. Capital Traders Group looks pretty good. Noticed they do not charge for training. Do you have any experience with them?

    I personally would not qualify for Prop firms that pay salary. I don't mind paying for mentor-ship or training. However, if I am going to pay I want to know that the trader(s) doing the mentoring or training are successful (I.E. have been trading full-time for a living for at least a couple of years).

    Anyone having any more ideas for firms? Any in the New England area (Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire)?
  6. Ask the firms to allow you to sit in on a day of training or participate remotely. All that accept remote customers generally have that ability.
  7. As mentioned by EVo, our remote set up is pretty good (if I do say so myself). We join all of our traders together every morning, online, to share with our top people, yes really top people, to share the days ideas, numbers etc.

    We have twice monthly after the close discussions. We have mentoring groups for those with special interests. A real professional atmosphere, not just mindless dribble. Sorry if I sound like I'm coming on strong, don't mean to. But with some of the alternatives out there, it just makes me crazy. I am not the type to bad mouth others, but even some fo the names that show up on this thread (you know who I mean), come on, really?

    OK, again, sorry for the diatribe.

    All the best,

  8. I've never been a customer of Bright, but they do have a great reputation in the business and have been around longer than anybody else.
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    Don what are the trading focuses these days?

    Is it still pairs, opens, imbalances?
  10. Bright is Rock Solid in their Financial Reserves...

    They have Decent and Reliable Software for Execution of Trades...

    Excellent Online Accounting...

    High Trading Commission Compared to Rest of Industry... But not as high as in the past...


    Initial Training at Bright is Worthless... 3 day class and longer Boot Camp... both worthless but they love charging for it... :(
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