which prop firm wants a Nas fut trader

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by FutTrd, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. FutTrd


    I am good at Nas and SP500 futures trading, no good isn't the right word

    I am well above average, but I have trouble accessing real capital

    Bright Trading are good guys but they
    don't want a full time futures daytrader

    do you guys know any shop that doesn't think that futures are scary.

    I also need remote access, couse I ain't moving to US,

    for example bright trading firm is big enough to be safe, some small 2 office firm can disappear over night,

    if you guys know a good place let me know and drinks are on me :D
  2. Maverick74


    What country are you in? There must be a 100 futures firms in London.
  3. FutTrd


    hmm... seeing how many people viewed this thread but no reply

    I'll have to find out myself systematically which firm from A to Z

    but do I really need their capital,

    I could take a loan for Med school

    30 grand and cancel subjects once money is in. and do my thing and return government money in 6 months

    what can I say its good to be smart. :p
  4. FutTrd


    I am in Canada, and there aren't any big ones in here
  5. TGM


    try CFT Financials they are in Montreal and they have a few hitters from London


    pm me and tell me what they say
  6. If your really good you can trade NQ and ES at swifttrade, but remember there risk parameters are very strict so you might have trouble off the start.

    (Not that you have to be good to get to trade with swift, you have to be good to make money trading with such a short leash. Let not turn this into a "I hate swift thread")
  7. FutTrd


    thanks for info guys

    most appreciated

    I'll PM that guy, after I check out suggested firm
  8. Yeah you do that. And know your not smart because your grammar and sentence structure suck. :eek:
  9. Josh009


    I hope the irony of this statement is not lost.
  10. If you were really that good, you'd have enough of your own money to fund your own trading.

    Intraday margins on the mini are $500, bonds, $500, and you're telling me that you are good (which should mean make money)but don't have enough money to make money with those margins...perhaps you aren't as good as you thought?

    I remain skeptical....but good luck!
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