Which Processor offers the best speed and durability to price ratio?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Daal, Apr 4, 2012.

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    Any studies on this?
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    durability ? :confused:
  3. Durability: [def] The ability of the processor to stand the sudden and forceful but repetitive pounding and slapping from frustrated traders during losing trades.
  4. there are tons of blogs and benchmarks out there.

    what are you looking for - porsche or tractor?
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    All processors are durable... they rarely die short of being zapped by lightening. Given the same Ghz, Intel is faster than AMD. The web page I posted gives the bottom-line comparison.
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    I've never had a processor fail on me.

    Unless you are planning on testing the thermal limits of a processor by overclocking it big time I don't really understand this durability aspect you are referring to.
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  10. I remember reading research on this from years back but I'm sure it holds good for today.

    It said a CPU has a safe life expectancy of 10 yrs but overclocking can reduce this to 7 years. We can forget about keeping a CPU for 7 years so the question about durability is not an issue, unless you use extreme loads and don't cool the CPU properly or drop test your system box from a great height after a bad trade.
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