which price will the accounting software use when shares are called away?

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  1. Hello,

    Suppose you bought 100 shares of stock XYZ for $20.04
    You also bought 100 shares of the same stock at $20.30

    You write a single in the money call for the strike price $20.

    At expiration, the stock is at $21. So 100 of your shares get called away.

    Will GainsKeeper (or similar) say you bought the stock at $20.04, or will it use the $20.30 price? It would be better for you if the software selects the higher $20.30 price. That makes you get more of a loss, so you can tax-offset a greater loss against the premium gain you made.

    I can live with either one. I just want my own spreadsheet accounting to follow along with what the professional software will do.
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    In tax matters, clearly you select the one that has the most advantageous tax situation for you.

    In your situation, you're talking peanuts. It would cost you more to get advice on the matter.
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    "Timing is everything."
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    Are you accessing GainsK via a broker (TradeStation, TD Amer, ...)? If so, ask them. Else ask GainsK directly.
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    For giggles, I tried asking GainsK a question directly, and got back:

    11:51 AM (7 minutes ago)

    As you are using an embedded version of GainsKeeper within the [broker] website you would need to contact [broker] for that information.

    Thank you

    GainsKeeper Support