Which presidential candidates would withdraw all troops from Iraq if elected?

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  1. Knowing this is extremely important, ot would define if the US goes into recession or not?

    Please don't get into political disputes in this thread.
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    Of the electables probably none of them. It is easy to say we will pull out all troops when you are not in office but when Iraq threatens to implode on your watch it is a different story. Even Obama who sounds like he would be the most likely to pull troops faster than the others I think would end up leave a substantial number for many years. While I don't like it I think at least McCain is being honest when he says there will be US troops in Iraq for at least a decade, the others are either lying or they just don't have a clue.
  3. None of them can withdraw troops for many many years to come.
  4. Speaking of Obama, maybe one of his supporters can help clarify something. He commented that he would be willing to send troops into Pakistan to fight Al Qaeda. So if I understand him correctly, he's willing to fight Al Qaeda anywhere in the world - as long as it's not Iraq.
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  6. Don't you think a DemoCrap president would be in a rush to withdraw? After all, it would be generally popular (70% of polled Americans say we should be out of Iraq), plus it would be an "in your face RepubliClowns" statement of change... rectifying yet another thing Bush and the RepubliClowns are doing wrong...??
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    Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich would be the only two, IMO, and neither have any shot at being elected.
  9. None of them can or will. If the US leaves before Iraq can handle itself, Iran will step right up and increase its influence within the country, something our Saudi friends (?) would be none too keen on.

    Iraq is going to be like Korea, Japan, and Germany. US troops on the ground in some capacity forever.
  10. If that's true, perhaps the Saudi's should be footing the bill rather than keeping us bent over the oil barrell....
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