Which President of the United States increased the debt the most since 1980?

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  1. "Figures don't lie, but liars do figure!" I trust the chart prepared by the US Dept. of the Treasury.

  2. True, "figures don't lie"... however, it's also true, "Liars figure".

    Perhaps you shouldn't trust the Treasury's data with such aplomb.

    It's true that Reagan increased the debt a lot... but that was at a time when the debt was relatively low and more easily "handled". (Not justifiying Reagan's deficit spending... just noting.)

    The treasury's numbers on Odumbo are patently false/fudge. The national debt when he took office was about $9 Trillion. After this first term.. with the $2.4 Trillion in August + the additional $1.2 Trillion he recently asked for.. will bring the national debt to about $18 Trillion... and that's LOTS more damaging than Reagan's spending. (Let's not forget... Odumbo has spent outrageous sums during his 1st ... and hopefully ONLY... term.)
  3. Nah, your figures are the GOP lies and data fudging...
    look at this data...

  4. Let's question the 2008 entry.. .some would attribute the bailout money to Odumbo's administration. Shift that number to Odumbo, and things look different.

    Also, there is another $3.6 Trillion authorized/asked for by Odumbo not on the chart.

    "My figures are GOP lies"... better watch your mouth, sonny, unless you don't care about making my lonnnng and infamous "ignore" list.. you're treading on thin ice with such a statement. I'm interested in the truth always.. not partisan deception.. and especially not from the Left.
  5. What is interesting is Obama spent more (as a % of debt) in his first year than any other president did in their first year. Of course you can say it was necessary due to circumstances but still interesting.

    Also, he has spent more in his first two years than any other president did in consecutive years except for Reagan.

    He seems to be back at this historical average though for 2011
  6. Still you conservatives idolize Reagan and demonize Obama. You cannot get a sane, electable GOP candidate against him thou. What a pathetic bunch of losers.....Staphagos you do what you will with your ignore list, I won't lose any sleep over it.....
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    % increase in the public debt?!?

    Wouldn't the (inflation adjusted) actual dollar increase in debt be more interesting? Or per capital increase in debt, again in dollars?

    Nah, those wouldn't produce the skew that the OP is after...
  8. You got your wish.... ON IGNORE!
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    Clue alert #2 - Presidents don't spend money, congress does - you need to look at which party controlled congress during each of those times as well...
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    Good thread. It contains my favorite cognitive supplement: context.
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